Boat (UV Resistant) Carpet

Quick Facts about Mandurah Flooring Centre’s Boat/ UV resistant carpet:

– It’s not just for boats, but for caravans, outdoor patios, and any UV-heavy area.
– We have UV Pro stock ALWAYS available for pickup within the hour.
– We can overlock UV Resistant Carpet into custom sized and shaped mats and carpets.
– We have remnants available in all sizes at discounted prices.

We have a huge range of boat carpet to revitalise your favourite toy! We stock from quality brands to provide you with durable, water-resistant, easy to clean options that are competitively priced. With no need to drive all the way to Perth for an upgrade, there’s no better time than today to come instore and see what we can do for you.

Whilst it’s almost universally called ‘boat carpet’, what it really is is hardy, UV-resistant, easy-to-clean carpet that will withsand salt, harsh UV, water, mud, dirt, and anything else that it comes in contact with.

Use it for your boat, caravan, outdoor decking/ patio, workshop, car or tray, or anywhere else that carpet would work well but it needs to last a beating!

We also stock UV-resistant thread to overlock UV resistant carpet into mats of any shape and size on site- there’s no need to compromise on mobility and longevity with us!

(Please note we do not offer installation on boats.)

Before v After Outdoor Carpet for Patio: soft underfoot, won’t fade, easily cleaned! Measured, cut, and overlocked to perfection!

Give us a call on 9583 3100 for a free measure and quote!

Always In Stock- UV Pro (Ribbed and Velour)

$20/m2 ($40plm – 2m wide)

All other boat carpet will be ordered in– please give us a call or visit in store to find out the cost per meter and other details specific to your needs.

Signature Floor Concepts

Needlepunch Aussie Series

Needlepunch Marine Velour

Needlepunch Marine Cord

Needlepunch Marine Rib






  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Medium Grey
  • Grey
  • Chocolate
  • Walnut
  • Cashew
  • Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Cerulean

Check out Ewen in action!

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