Wool Blends Carpet

Mandurah Flooring Centre offers a range of wool blend carpets, which are typically made with 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. They offer benefits of both fibre types, with the softness and hard-wearing nature of wool combined with the improved stain resistance, durability, and dying ability of the synthetic fibre. They are a fantastic option for any carpeted room in your house.

Please use this a catalogue for seeing our range of flooring, and an estimate of what you may be paying for the flooring only- then come in store or organise a quote to get a price for full installation. 

Signature Flooring
Highland – Country Wool

80% undyed Himilayan wool, 20% Chromolon®.
10 year residential warranty.
Grade: Extra heavy duty.

TPM Distributors

60% Wool, 20% Yak Hair, 20% PET.
Grade: Residential Extra Heavy Duty.

Samples not available


80% wool, 20% synthetic.
15 year warranty.
Grade: Residential Extra Heavy Duty INC STAIRS.


Cut Pile Plush carpet.
80% Wool, 20% Synthetic.

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Locally owned and operated, we have been in the business for nearly 20 years and have a combined flooring installation experience of over 47 years.

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